About the artist.

George Rodart was born in Los Angeles of Mexican and Italian parents. His early education was in the sciences. He worked on the Apollo project before changing directions to attend art school at UCLA.

After receiving his MFA from UCLA he began his long career as an artist. His practice has been singularly focused upon painting as a medium in modern culture.

Among his various awards, Mr. Rodart received the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship for Painting.

Mr. Rodart was selected for the Whitney Biennial exhibition twice, first in 1975 and for a second timr in 1983..

As a young artist he exhibited actively in Los Angeles. This was followed by several yeras of working privately in isolation.

Recently he received an International Artists Residency in Roswell NM.
Recently he received an Invitational Artists Residency in Roswell NM. In 2018 the Roswell Museum exhibited the 34 paintings he made during his residency.

Mr. Rodart is currently setting up a studio in Roswell NM. The pandemic is a complication and is the impetus for this fund raiser